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Moved from an Outsourced Front End to a Custom SSR React App

Increased Performance & SEO, Resulting in Additional Leads

Reduced the Cost of Using HubSpot

Moving from Outsourced Work

The original wilsonpro.com site was created in the HubSpot site builder module by a company from India. After reviewing the code, working within the system, and seeing all the bugs that lived there, our group decided to revamp the entire thing. Our first move was to only use HubSpot as a CRM and to create our own custom front end with React.

The switch to React allowed us to fix most of the bugs and missing features. We were also finally able to use Git (version control) and create a workflow for staging, testing, and production. The site analytics before were a mess, with no tracking in Google Analytics and only what custom analytics were available in HubSpot. After the move and setting up GTM, the site's data has started to become much more meaningful.